How to replace a American fridge freezer door seal ?

If you are dealing with a leaking refrigerator then it is sure that you are going through a lot of stress. On the other side, it is the prime factor of high energy consumption, high electricity bill and minimizing the life of your refrigerator.

In this way, you cannot also keep your foods healthy and hygienic. Therefore replacing the door seal is highly essential. Many of you think changing or replacing the door seal is a difficult and time taking process but surely it is not.

Door Seal

Here is a guide which can help you in replacing the door seal and fixing such issues quite easily. You do not have to replace the door or freeze on a whole. A simple washing or realigning of the seal can do your work. So here is the simpler way to replace your refrigerator door seal.

Examine the condition of your door seal

First of all, try to go through the root of the issue. The door seal also known as the gasket is different in every refrigerator. Check the type of gasket your refrigerator. Its prime function is to maintain the coldness inside and keep the heat out. It also prevents the outside heat.

So a worn door seal allows the warm air into your refrigerator and increases the temperature in the refrigerator. This is the main reason for higher energy consumption. So check the door seal for any sort of condensation or any blackish molding.

If you find any such things then it is the time to go for a new seal or gasket. Check for any cracks or thinness of the seal. For a better check-up, you can use the Dollar bill as well. Put the Dollar bill in between the gap of your refrigerator and its door and shut it.

Now try to pull the Dollar bill out. If you feel like dragging then the door seal is fine on the other hand if it comes out easily then go for a new door seal.

You can go for repairing the seal or replace it completely for the betterment of your refrigerator. A replacement can save much of your energy and wallet also. In general, the total time for this replacement is around thirty minutes.

For fixing the small gaps you can use petroleum jelly if you want to fix the gap issues and cut small strips of weather stripping and close the door corners with this small strips along the channel of the door seal.
Now push the seal back into the channel and if you find any gap then repeat the process for packing all of its corners.

Now after finishing the fixing close and open your door several times and check for any gap.
If this will not work then the only thing you can do is the fixing or replacement of new door seal.

Go for the right door seal

Check the model of your refrigerator and its type. Now go through its user manual for more information on the replacement and door seal type. You can consult with the service centre and ask them for the appropriate door seal.
You can also find the door seal or gasket on the internet as well.

Replacing the door seal

Now once you get the door seal for your refrigerator first put it inside warm water for some time. Disconnect the power source of your refrigerator for a safe and easier installation process.

It is not essential to remove the door completely for installing new door seal. Watch out for a hex head screwdriver, this is the prime thing you need for the installation. Now try to hold the bottom of the seal and pull it back with the help of a hex head screwdriver.

After that pull the edges of the seal and look for the screws below the plastic liner and door seal. These screws are there for clamping the door seal. Loosen all the screws and remove the door seal from the plastic liner.

Be patient and do not do anything forcefully.The plastic liners are much fragile, it can fall apart if you try something tough. Now hold the new door seal on the top of your refrigerator door and thrust the lip over the metal retainer.

Try to slide the door seal right behind the metal retainer and around the refrigerator door. Keep this in your mind that always start fixing the new door seal from the top corners and then go around the door.

It is will be easier and safe for replacing an American fridge freezer door seal.

So here we have put our effort to answer How to replace an American fridge freezer door seal. It is not quite a complex process. You can do it by yourself but you have to follow these guidelines and tools for your American Fridge Freezer. First, make a good research and then only go for the replacement.…